What I Do

Project Strategy

I'd like to say that behind every great website is a great Web designer, but it's just not that simple. Though an outstanding design is important, the strategy, discovery, and planning that come first play an equally important role in the success of your final product. I'll guide you through each stage of our project and help manage the budget, schedule, and milestones.

User Interface / User Experience Design

When your content is finalized and a plan of action is in place, we're ready to move on to design. We'll work together to create a site architecture that scales for future growth as well as a clean, user-friendly, and elegant visual solution that adheres to our strategy.

Content Management Systems with Drupal

For clients who prefer to take the helm of their sites with a turnkey solution, I work with Drupal. I can design and develop custom themes, implement tweaks to your existing website, or rescue a project built on another platform that isn't up to speed with your requirements.

Website Development

I keep abreast of the latest Web standards and technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 so that I can hand-code your design into a usable, accessible, and interactive experience. I still groove on the technical underpinnings that are behind-the-scenes of great websites, and I love opportunities to provide insight on how adding an effect or functionality to your design can enhance user experience.

Google Analytics

Beyond the simplicity of page views and visits, I love to dig deep into the numbers that Google Analytics tracks and analyze what's working on your site — and what might not be. I use this vital tool to really assess visitor acquisition and behavior with a combination of targeted goals and custom segments. Feel like you're just scratching the surface of your metrics? Let's talk!

Application Maintenance

This service keeps your content management system up-to-date, backed up, and secure. I'll take care of making sure your modules and software are updated and running
smoothly so you can devote more time to keeping an eye on other aspects of your business.